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Music Library

We have a varied and extensive collection of music available to hire.

Please contact :-

Gail Donald (gail.donald@ntlworld.com) or Rosemary Manson (mansonrosemary@hotmail.com)

Download inventory as .pdf

Download inventory as .xlsx

Conditions of Hire

  1. On receipt of the music ordered, please inform the Librarian immediately, and in writing, if there is any discrepancy in numbers or any damage to the scores, etc. Failure to do this may result in your being liable for the replacement/repair of missing/damaged items.
  2. The hire period stated in the offer email/letter is intended to allow sufficient time for the sending and return of the music.
  3. Payment of hire charges is due one month after receipt of the invoice.
  4. Scores should be returned within the hire period. If you find that you have some scores still outstanding, please return all those you do have, and return the missing ones as soon as possible.
  5. Before returning music, please remove any numbers you have added, paper clips, etc.
  6. When returning music please include inside each parcel:
    • Identification of sender (your name and full address)
    • A statement of the number of scores in that parcel
    • A statement of the total number of scores returned.
  7. You will be responsible for replacing all scores lost or damaged whilst on hire to you.

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